The W-A1 is based on the vintage Wheatstone linota anglo.  Both instruments share the same reed pan layout and construction, and because of that have a comparable sound. The difference is in the reed size and scaling. The W-A1 has long scale reeds and a finer reed scaling (more reed frame sizes for the same compass) which results in a more powerful tone and better balance. The standard configuration has hardwood flat ends, but the instrument is also available with raised wooden or metal ends.


W-A1 with burl
english walnut ends


        Model W-A1
        Standard configuration:

  •  30 or 31 key Wheatstone or Jeffries layout. 

  •  Radial reedpan

  •  6 fold bellows

  •  Flat hardwood ends (raised optional).

  •  Tuning: see options.

  •  Long scale reeds: steel tongue in individual

  •  brass frames

  •  Domed metal keys/delrin® cores.

  • Options 

  • Pricelist 

  • Anglo models overview


W-A1 with ebonized raised end



W-A1 with ebonized ends and amboyna frames


W-A1 with metal ends




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