The W-A6 model is based on the A3 and is available in G/D or F/C.  It is octagonal (8 sided) and has the Wakker 'block' reedpan, which is also used in the A5 and H1/H2 models.   This reedpan design  allows for optimal chamber dimensions, which results in a full, rich sound.  The lowest reed of the long scaling used in this instrument is 46mm/ 1.81 inch long.  None of the reeds have weights added to the tip of the reed.


                                                                W-A6 with amboyna ends with ebony trim/maple stringing and  18 carat gold inserts

     Model W-A6

        Standard configuration:   

  • Octagonal (8 sided) 

  • 39 key Jeffries or 40 key Wheatstone layout. 

  • Wakker block reedpan

  • 7 fold bellows

  • Hardwood ends

  • Tuning: G/D or F/C

  • Long scale reeds: steel tongue in individual brass frames

  • Domed metal keys/delrin cores.

W-A6 with ebonized ends, walnut borders and nickel inserts




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