We are one of only a handful of concertina makers in the world that have the necessary knowledge, experience machinery and tools to make every concertina based instrument possible. 

Custom made instruments can be based on one of our existing models, or we can design an instrument based on a sketch, or produce an instrument designed by the customer.

We import our materials ourselves from suppliers world wide. Therefore we're able to obtain almost any type of wood, leather and quality of brass and vocal steel.

We are able to produce any wooden, brass and steel parts, 2D or 3D, with an accuracy of 0.002 inch. 
We can make custom reed frames with any vent angle, with steel, brass or German silver reeds with a frame/reed fit of 0.002 inch.  Frame sizes we can offer range from 4.7" to 0.19" (tongue lenghts).





         Our service includes:

  • Selecting materials

  • Designing the action, calculating pivot points

  • Calibrating air flow (air holes, valve type, reed resistance)

  • Designing reed pans (chamber size, depth, etc.)

  • Custom reed scaling

  • Reed frame design

  • Bellows design (3 -15 sides)

  • Fretwork design


          We do not copy any parts, such as fretwork, reed design/scaling, action boards, etc.
          from vintage instruments.



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