The Parnassus english is the result of my personal quest of many years as a professional soloist and chamber musician. My goal was to have an instrument with a perfect tone equilibrium, clearness of sound and dynamics.

The many years of research and study that went into this project resulted in an instrument that uniquely combines traditional concertina and modern free reed knowledge with centuries old luthier principles. 

Although based on the traditional concertina construction, the Parnassus incorporates many techniques used by luthiers for centuries, such as the choice of woods and sound post construction. The uniform harmonic spectrum of the instrument is the result of advanced sound reflection techniques, rather than the traditional 'damping and cutting' of harmonics by fretwork and baffles in traditional concertinas. 

The heart of the instrument is the uncompromised (no shortening of the bass reeds) reed scaling, with the smallest scale increases of any concertina, to guarantee the highest possible degree of sound uniformity.

Rather than the traditional concertina fretwork, the Parnassus features a double layer rosette. Rosettes are a centuries old tradition used by instrument makers of the Renaissance and Baroque.
The overlapping  symmetrical patterns of the Parnassus rosette relates to technical aspects of the instrument, such as the reed chambers,  scaling and action multiplication.
The two types of wood of the rosette represent the principle 'inside and outside' woods used for the instrument. 

 Due to the complexity of the instrument, we will only make 2 Parnassus concertinas per year. For this we reserve 2 time slots at the beginning of each year.

Parnassus treble


 Parnassus on youtube:


Standard configuration

  •  12 sided ( TT, Baritone, and Bass are stretched)

  •  48/56 keys

  •  Engelmann spruce flat ends with double layer rosette.

  •  Long scale reeds with custom scaling

  •  Domed or flat metal keys/delrin® cores.

  •  All leather 7 fold bellows 


The Parnassus is available in the following models:

  • Treble: 48 keys
  • Tenor: 48 keys
  • Tenor-Treble: 56 key, stretched
  • Baritone: 48 key, stretched
  • Bass: 40 key, double action, stretched


Available Options  

Parnassus Pricelist



Parnassus baritone


Parnassus Consort

The Parnassus models are also available in both 'small' and 'full' consort. Since the 17th century the term (whole) consort has been used  for instruments of the same family.

The Parnassus Consort instruments are build from the same tonal woods, and normally have the same frame veneers, button types and finishes. 
Harmonically, consort instruments are voiced in a continuous equilibrium, ensuring that each instrument harmonically matches the other consort members, while at the same time maintaining its individual tonal colour.

Small Consort
The Parnassus small consort consists of 3 instruments. There are 3 options:

  • A) Treble, Tenor, Baritone
  • B) Treble, Baritone, Bass
  • C) Tenor-Treble, Baritone, Bass

Full Consort
The Parnassus full consort consists of 4 instruments:

  • Treble, Tenor, Baritone, bass


Parnassus Tenor-Treble




Treble in English Walnut, gold buttons, finger rests and thumbscrews



Parnassus hand support



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