The different woods used in our concertinas can be categorized by function:
  • construction: frames, bellows frames, etc.
  • sound reflection: action board, reed pan, end plates
  • cosmetic: veneers, end plates.  


          Each of our models consists of a different combination of woods, selected
          for their tonal properties, strength and weight.  This selection, together with
          other aspects such as type of reeds, acoustic construction, etc.  enhances the
          character of each model. 
          Besides different combinations of wood,  we also vary the cut direction of the
          wood and sanding grit, as they both affect sound reflection.

          When ordering a Wakker concertina,  both cosmetic and tonal woods can be
          selected by the customer. 

          Some of the construction and tonal woods we use are:

  •  Spruce
  •  European and American maple
  •  Sycamore
  •  Ayous
  •  Walnut
  •  Mahogany

          We also offer a wide selection of veneers, ranging from traditional rosewood
          and amboyna to rare burl and exotic veneers.







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